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Crop Insurance


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WWhat Is Crop Insurance?

Crop insurance is broken down into two categories: multi-peril crop insurance and crop-hail insurance. Multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) covers losses caused by natural disasters and is backed up by the Federal Crop Insurance Program, whereas crop-hail insurance is not. Instead, this policy is typically purchased as a supplement to MPCI by farmers who are in an area where hail is a frequent event.

MPCI Covers Crop Losses From:

Why You Need Crop Insurance

If you are a farmer, you know that your crops are your business. They are what keeps this country thriving, which is why it is so important to make sure they are covered under the right plan. With crop insurance, you won’t have to worry when disaster strikes because you know you will be taken care of. It is there to help you financially recover by paying the bank, fertilizer suppliers, equipment providers, and landlords before purchasing your production inputs for next season. Crop insurance is not only necessary for farmers, but critical to keep providing the products America depends on.

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